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WELCOME TO INVESTINGNEWS.TV is a portal to investment advice, strategies and resources. We investigate verify and distribute information relevant to different forms, methods, techniques and vehicles associated with investing in the 21st Century. Founded in 2011 by a ukrainian man named "Ivan krostovy", has a growing readership worldwide. Our pattern of "subscription and delivery" makes information relevant to investing in Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Currencies and Assets available to the public by delivering it straight to your inbox. If you wish to subscribe to our services then "link up" with one of our affiliate marketers to have the keys to success delivered right to your doorstep. We investigate and verify all the information we allow and distribute on our platform. In light of the everly increasing expositions of shady practices and regulation irregularities associated with various online platforms, brokers and agents, we have taken on the responsiblity of exposing scams and promoting legitmate enterprises. We take the risk by putting ourselves in the line of fire i.e investing in whatever enterprise that is under scrutiny and also run background checks to ensure their promises and services are up to standard. Upon verification we present our findings to the entreprise in question and for a fee, help in spreading the good news. Today, good investment advice is hard to come by and in the sea of information the world wide web offers so many sharks lurk in wait. started out as a humble ukrainian mans effort to stop misinformation but has grown into something much more. We are here to aid you with the information you need to confidently venture into the world of investments and come out successful. Goodluck.